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There is nothing like sitting out in your spa and just relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day. We here at Pool Services Atlanta, want to make sure your spa is running correctly and taking care of you the way it should be. Weather your spa is connected to your pool or is separate we are the ones to call for problems 770-285-1455.

Our Techs are extremely knowledgeable and can help you with any type of Hot Tub or Spa that you have. The techs are trained to diagnose, service and repair all Spas on the market today. Give us a call to find out about our Hot Tub and Spa maintenance plans to avoid a costly repair!

Here are a few quick tips for your Spa or Hot Tub-

  • Test Water weekly, if you use the Spa/Hut Tub very often, then test more frequently.
  • Don’t forget to run your pump, maybe even consider a timer. You don’t want your water to get stagnant.
  • Clean and replace your filter as needed, this can solve many problems.
  • Give you Spa shock treatment

Spa Services Atlanta F.A.Q.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that we get regarding Spas…

What is the difference between a Spa and a Hot Tub?
Back in the 1960’s the term “Hot Tubbing” was used as it referred to the wooden barrel shaped tubs. Later they started to make this tubs with fiberglass or with thermoplastic shells and these were referred to as “Spas” to show the difference from their wooden cousins. Now the term “Hot Tubbing” can be taken to mean using either vessel.

Do I need special plumbing for a Spa?
For a single Spa or Hot tub you do not need special plumbing.

How much should I spend on a Spa?
That depends on your needs and your budget. Do you have to get on with LED lights and water fountains that can hold 6-8 people in it? If that is what you are looking for, or there are smaller models for 2-3 people if that is what you are looking for. Either way give us a call 770-285-1455 so we can get you more information on options!

How much should I expect to see my utility bills increase with the addition of a Spa?
This depends on the model of the Spa. There are some that are very well insulated and some that are not, so this depends. Also if there is a circulation pump and a good bit of insulation, even in the coldest winter you might be looking at $20-$30/month.

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